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We offer a variety of classes for students of all levels

We've taught Thai cooking for over 30 years in multiple countries and look forward to providing you with many more years of culinary experiences. Note that at this time we're only teaching Thai cooking, fruit carving and tofu making. We plan to restart our other classes later this year.

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To contact us locally in Bangkok please call 099 105 6446 or 090 250 4571

Thai Cooking  (Most Popular)

Cooking class students with May sampling food

Our popular Thai cooking class is taught in the morning at 9am and afternoon at 2pm daily, welcoming students of all skill levels. Recipes include soups, curries and stir fry. A great choice if you are new to Thai cooking.

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Express Thai Cooking

Group of cooking class students wearing aprons and headscarves, giving the traditional Wai with hands pressed together

A two hour express class featuring a selection of recipes from our popular Thai cooking class. Taught in the afternoon at 3pm and 5pm daily. Cooking instruction includes a demonstration, three hands-on recipes and dessert.

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Raw Food

Raw vegan circular ice cream cake with strawberries. Two brown textured cake slices with white ice cream inside.

Introducing the general principles of preparation, ingredients, using dehydrators and techniques specific to Raw vegan Thai recipes. Designed for students with no previous experience with Raw food preparation. 2pm Thursdays.

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Fruit Carving

Several fruit carving sculptures of floral designs, made from tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and watermelon.

Thailand has a long tradition of fruit carving as a decorative art. In this class students learn the fundamental techniques for carving fruits and vegetables. 2pm Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Singles and Lovers

Group of students, three women and three men, at flower market in Bangkok. The man in the center and woman on the right holding a bouquet of pink, yellow and white flowers.

A cooking experience divided into two parts, beginning with Thai cooking instruction and concluding with a visit to the flower market or a beautiful Thai massage spa. 7pm Thursdays.

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How to Make Tofu

Freshly made tofu cut into square blocks placed on a green banana leaf.

In this class students learn the entire process of making tofu, from preparing the raw soy beans to creating the final pressed tofu blocks and creating a Thai recipe with the fresh tofu. 2pm Wednesdays.

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Soy Milk and Desserts

Steamed pumpkin and soy milk in a white bowl with a rose for garnish

Learn how to make soy milk from raw ingredients, and Thai desserts that use soy milk as a base ingredient such as Black Sticky Rice and Mango. 2pm Wednesdays.

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Sauces and Desserts

Dish of tofu cream sauce

Learn how to make sauces that complement main dishes such as tofu cream sauce, as well as a selection of Thai desserts. 2pm Wednesdays.

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How to Make Chili Paste

Student making chili paste with a mortar and pestle

Learn to make one of the fundamental ingredients in Thai cooking. Three different styles of chili paste are taught in this class. 2pm Wednesdays.

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3 Day Course

Turnip curry

During this three day course students are taught popular Thai recipes, fundamental ingredients and optionally a selection of Raw recipes.

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5 Day Course

Hamok Isaan curry

Beginning with the three day course schedule, followed by two additional days of instruction with Isaan recipes and making Tofu and Soy Milk.

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10 Day Course

Green bean stir fry

Beginning with the five day course, followed by five additional days of instruction in more complex recipes and decorative food art.

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Thai Desserts

Black sticky rice and mango dessert

Learn many of the most popular Thai desserts such as Black Sticky Rice with Mango and Banana, as well as unique Raw vegan recipes.

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Thai Culture and Cooking

Students in traditional Thai dress

Beginning with a lesson in popular Thai recipes, students are later invited to wear traditional Thai clothing and learn the first steps of traditional Thai dancing.

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Thai Cooking and Massage

Students with massage instructor

Beginning with a lesson in popular Thai recipes, after a short rest students are taught introductory skills in traditional Thai massage.

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