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Authentic Thai food that just happens to be plant-based

In 1988 May started with just a street cart in Bangkok creating dishes that would eventually become part of our complete menu which we still offer today. 30+ years and many iterations later, May Kaidee arrived in NYC to bring our taste to an even greater audience.

We specialize in Thai vegan food inspired by traditional dishes from Thailand's various provinces.

Glass Noodle Salad
Mango Rolls
Veg Bowl

Our menu includes salads, curries, noodles dishes all based on traditional Thai recipes from different provinces including Isaan (North-East Thailand), Central Thailand and Southern Thailand.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 5pm - 11pm
Saturday and Sunday: 5pm - 11pm

Located at 215 East Broadway in Manhattan

Call us at 917 443 7885

RECENT NEWS: We're happy to announce that after two years we have reopened our Thailand locations. Our Bangkok restaurants and cooking school and Chiang Mai restaurant and cooking school are open once again. Our cooking classes are now being taught in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and NYC!

Outdoor seating with flower box planters at May Kaidee East Broadway in NYC

Outdoor Seating

We offer outdoor dining seating in both private covered spaces as well as open air tables.

Our outdoor covered space can accommodate groups up to 14 people and our open air table area can accommodate groups up to 8 people.

Mango Salad

Authentic Thai Dishes

We source the ingredients used in our dishes daily for maximum freshness. In Thailand food is normally made with ingredients that have arrived directly from farms that same day. In order to come as close as possible to the experience of Thai food as it's made in Thailand, we start by seeking out and handpicking ingredients everyday that are as fresh as possible.

Turmeric Rice

Fusion Thai Dishes

We also offer a selection of fusion Thai inspired dishes as a unique extension to our original menu which originated in Bangkok, Thailand. Combining traditional ingredients with complementary, sometimes unlikely counterparts, completes the circle of traditional Thai cuisine from the past few centuries which itself began as a fusion cusine reinventing dishes and techniques from China primarily and later India, and even later with ingredients as far away as North America – most notably the chili pepper which originated in Mexico.

Booster Bowl

Immune Boosting Bowls

Try our healthy bowl consisting of a layer of brown-red rice with several layers of fresh ingredients high in antioxidants topped with a ginger-carrot dressing.

Coconut Custard

Restaurant Safety

The safety of our customers and team is most important to us and we take several daily steps to ensure that your experience is as safe as possible.

Khao Soi

Our Cookbook

Our third edition cookbook contains several original dishes from our original Bangkok menu. Great for gifts. Suitable for both beginning and experienced cooks. Available for delivery worldwide.

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