Black sticky rice and mango dessert
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Thai Desserts

Learn how to make popular Thai desserts

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Thai Desserts


Thailand is known for its unique desserts, typically making use of coconut, tropical fruit, leaves, beans and rice – ingredients that usually are not found in cuisines from other parts of the world. In this class students focus entirely on Thai desserts, covering basic and advanced recipes.

Students learn how to make Black Sticky Rice and Mango, Sticky Rice with Banana and Black Beans (Cow Tom Mat), Raw Dragon Fruit Ice Cream, Tropical Fruit Salad, Kanhom Krok

Taught in Bangkok and NYC

Black sticky rice and mango dessert. Slices of mango and banana carefully arranged around a mound of black sticky rice topped with shredded coconut pulp and sesame seeds.
2pm - 6pm
Recipe Set

The following recipes are taught during the class:

  • Black Sticky Rice and Mango
  • Sticky Rice with Banana and Black Beans (Cow Tom Mat)
  • Raw Dragon Fruit Ice Cream
  • Tropical Fruit Salad
  • Kanhom Krok
Fruit salad with mango sauce. Slices of dragonfruit, kiwi and water apple topped with mango sauce and nuts in a white ceramic bowl.