Steamed pumpkin slices in sweet coconut milk dessert, topped with sesame seeds and a pink rose as garnish.
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Soy Milk and Desserts

Learn how to make soy milk from raw ingredients and complementary desserts

Course description and schedule


An overview of the class

In this class students are taught how to make soy milk from raw ingredients, and then use the fresh soy milk to create traditional Thai desserts.

Similar to our tofu making course, students begin by learning how to make soy milk from raw ingredients beginning with soaking soy beans through the entire process to produce the liquid milk. Then students are taught how to make traditional Thai desserts from the freshly made soy milk.

Taught in Bangkok

Pumpkin and soy milk dessert in a white bowl with a rose bud for decoration.

Class Introduction and Setup

2:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Class Introduction

Students are introduced to each other and allowed a few minutes to get acquainted.


Instructor provides a brief overview of the entire process for making soy milk from raw soy beans.

Begin Process

Students remove pre-soaked beans (placed in water the evening before class by the instructor). Beans are rinsed and the soy milk making process begins.

Raw soy beans being soaked in water in two glass pitchers on a rustic appearing wooden table.

Primary Cooking Step

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
Cooking Begins

After initial preparation of the soy beans, students cook the beans creating the base liquid for soy milk.

Separation of soy milk and tofu

Students learn how to separate the soy milk from the thick paste that occure during the cooking process.

Two hands straining soy milk from freshly made tofu into pitcher with a large cheescloth wrapped around the tofu.