May Kaidee East Broadway (NYC)

Our new permanent NYC location

Open 4-10pm daily

We are proud to announce the opening of our new permanent NYC location. Many of the chefs at our new location have studied in Thailand with May herself.

Though Thai restaurants are numerous in New York, none specialize in vegan cuisine. We feel that this unique position is not only an opportunity, but a responsibility. Serving the vegan community the best possible healthy Thai recipes is our first priority.

We welcome vegans and non-vegans alike.

May Kaidee's 5 Province Platter

Now serving our 5 Province Platter

Featuring 5 distinct dishes different provinces of Thailand including Central provinces, the North, North-East (Isaan) and South.

The set meal includes Tom Yam soup, fresh spring rolls, Haw Mok (North-East Thai Isaan thick red curry), Massaman curry (Thai-Indian curry), Nam Prik Ong (a Northern Thai spicy ground tomato dish), Pad See U, papaya salad and ginger pomegranate tea

$25 per person