Fresh Juice and Tea

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Ginger Tea

Cooking class students with May sampling food

A very good choice for health, wellness, and an energy boost. Contains ginger which is known to help digestion, soothe headaches, and create a general sense of wellbeing. Also contains pomegranate juice, a known antioxidant. 200 Baht per 4 bottle pack

Hibiscus Tea

Group of cooking class students wearing aprons and headscarves, giving the traditional Wai with hands pressed together

Made from Hibiscus flower, this tea has a slightly tart flavor balanced by a touch of soothing SE Asian spice. Very lightly sweetened, the tea is a great complement to any meal or enjoyed by itself. Refreshing and delicious! 200 Baht per 4 bottle pack

Green Magic

Raw vegan circular ice cream cake with strawberries. Two brown textured cake slices with white ice cream inside.

Great for detox or simply a healthy drink between meals – it's the only beverage you'll need all day. Our Green Magic juice contains loads of vitamins and minerals from the numerous fresh fruits and vegetables that go into each bottle. 800 Baht per 4 bottle pack

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