Our Chili Paste and Sauces

We are proud to announce that our Tom Yam chili paste, hot sauce and dipping sauce are now available in the U.S.

Tom Yam Chili Paste

Jar of May Kaidee's Tom Yam chili paste.

Our popular chili paste that has been a favorite of our customers in Bangkok and Chiang Mai for the past three decades. This delightful chili paste is a must for any serious Thai vegetarian and vegan kitchen.

Hot Sauce

Bottle of May Kaidee's Hot Sauce.

For those who enjoy adding anything from a little zest, to a high degree of spicy heat to their meals. Our hot sauce is made with all natural ingredients and turns any good meal into a great one.

Dipping Sauce

Bottle of May Kaidee's Dipping Sauce.

A unique style of dipping sauce based on real tamarind, balanced with the right amount of spice and texture. Our dipping sauce is great for just about any appetizer or snack, and it's even wonderful on salads.

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